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The New Sonoma Waves

Wave 3

Living the New Sonoma Diet lifestyle has never been better!

Wave 3 of The New Sonoma Diet starts the day you reach your target weight. By following through on Waves 1 and 2 of The New Sonoma Diet, you’ve changed your entire approach to eating — for the better. Now you have the results to show for your efforts –the slimmer and healthier body you’ve always desired, more energy, a boosted sense of self-esteem and confidence in knowing you can make this yours for a lifetime. Your first order of business for Wave 3, of course, is to stay at your ideal weight. This is what’s often called “maintenance” in diet circles. But that’s not the word of choice here.

There’s nothing technically wrong with the term — you are, after all, seeking to “maintain” a certain weight. But “maintenance” sounds like something for airplane engines, not human beings. What you really want to do in Wave 3 is enhance the benefits of the New Sonoma Diet lifestyle. Do that, and your weight maintenance will take care of itself.

Wave 3 Accomplishments

At this point, you’ve rid your body and mind of any thoughts of white bread, rolls, crackers, and other bakery foods made from refined flour. You’ve replaced them with satisfying amounts of fiber-laden and richer-tasting whole-grain breads and cereals. You’ve eliminated sugar cravings so that sugar-sweetened items are back to being what they’re meant to be — occasional treats. By breaking yourself of the sugar habit, you’ve rediscovered that the wholesome natural sweetness of fresh ripe fruits and berries makes for as rewarding a dessert experience as you could ever want.

Most important, you’ve made the three-way connection between eating for pleasure, eating for health, and eating to stay at your best weight. You no longer see life as a choice between enjoying food and staying slim. On the contrary, you’ve discovered for yourself that the most efficient way to reach your ideal body weight is to revel in the pleasure of the healthiest and most naturally delicious foods.

It comes down to being able to enjoy food and all the other good things life has to offer without worrying about being overweight. By eating mindfully, by mastering strategies for making smart choices, you have adopted a wholesome approach to food that will make maintaining your best weight and best health effortless, simply part of your everyday way of eating. Afer all, this is the new Sonoma way to healthier, slim, and happier you.

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“I created this new plan to help you focus on more than just losing weight, it's all about a healthier and more energetic you! Enjoy the pleasures of healthy, sundrenched meals and living the Sonoma way as much as I do.”
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