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Marv Lost 45 Pounds!

"They couldn't believe how good I looked at my high school reunion!"

Ever since high school, I've been overweight. Over the years, I've tried about every type of diet or weight loss program you can think — Herbal Lite, Ripped Fuel, the Grapefruit Diet, drinking only green tea, and nothing short of starving myself — but the weight never came off.

When I saw a flyer for an information session on The Sonoma Diet, I figured I might as well try it. The first 10 days were a little tough for me because I was focused on the things I could no longer have. But then I started eating all the great foods I could enjoy, and I realized the food is so good that I can't see why I would ever need to stop eating this way!

As the pounds started to drop off, the diet just got easier and easier. Now I've lost 45 pounds; lowered my cholesterol, my blood sugar, and my blood pressure; and I've never felt better! I've been on blood pressure medicine for 15 years, and my doctor is now considering cutting the dosage in half if the numbers stay where they are. This has been an easy transition for a lifestyle change because the food is so delicious. No other diet has ever worked like this!

My friends and family are so amazed at my results — they can't believe how different I look and act. Even people I've worked with for a long time sometimes don't recognize me when they walk by. However, my greatest reward was going to my 25th high school reunion; the people I was close to were amazed at how great I looked, and the people I wasn't so close to couldn't believe it was me! It felt great after all those years of feeling bad about myself. I don't want to sound cocky, but I was flying pretty high on compliments that night and hey — I looked awesome!

Favorite snack: Peanuts.

Favorite compliment: I love it when people tell me how much younger I look, but it's even better when they comment on how healthy I look.

Favorite Sonoma Diet tip: Eat! That's the only way to be successful. You have a wide variety of food items to choose from and the portions are plenty — so I say enjoy, and the weight just naturally comes off.

Favorite motivational strategy: Don't be fooled by the word "diet" — treat The Sonoma Diet as a lifestyle change. Life is too short, and this diet is too easy, for me to return to the days of being overweight and feeling poorly about myself.

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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